I'm Alixandra, an actor, musician, and sound designer based in Calgary, Alberta. I'm one half of acclaimed folk duo "The Dearhearts", but I also love to make music on my own. I like to create, I love to laugh, and I am particularly fond of a well-made cappuccino.



Alixandra Cowman

Alixandra Cowman is an actor, musician, and sound designer based in Calgary, Alberta. She is constantly interested in exploring authentic and honest stories through music. Acting credits include Bright Star, The Spitfire Grill, Chickens (Rosebud Theatre), Flibbertigibbet's Story Exhibit (Quest Theatre), Junie B. Jones: The Musical, The Outsiders, and Hana's Suitcase (StoryBook Theatre). Sound Design credits include Kodachrome (Fire Exit Theatre), Bright Lights (Theatre BSMT), and Still Stands The House (Wick Productions)Alixandra is one half of acclaimed folk duo "The Dearhearts", with whom she has released two albums and toured across North America. She considers drinking coffee one of her favourite hobbies, and loves her sunny apartment, her ukuleles, and her partner Conrad.

Current Projects

Bright Star

Rosebud theatre

As Alice Murphy

March 29 - May 25, 2019



Rosebud Theatre

Sound Designer

July 5 - August 31, 2019



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